Why Another Blog?!?

A bowl of berries presents many thoughts from each of us. For many, they are a delight to the eye and palate, a pleasure, but then some don’t like the seeds or the tartness. Others don’t like the “feel” in the mouth and would rather give them to someone else. These thoughts are what make you unique & rewarding to humankind. Obviously, not just about red raspberries, but about your life. My life. And fitting together as humans.

My heartfelt proposal for this blog is just a simple place for us to gather to find, discuss, “argue”, teach and hopefully, ultimately, help each other find soul truth (Anima Vero). Mankind is in turmoil unlike any that I’ve seen in my multiple decades of life. I’m sometimes not very good at thinking quick enough to talk face-to-face, but I think that I’m a pretty good “listener” on paper, well, in writing….

Within this site, I’m open to listening to just about anyone, about anything as long as they, in turn, are willing to listen to me.

Right up front, I acknowledge the following:
– I am a Christian. I try my best to live my faith, not “follow a religion” as I believe that Jesus Christ (and God Himself, from the beginning) created a “way of life” not “religions”. Religions are man’s way to try to find a god by following a set of rules, doing religion & following stuff & people. Jesus never presented a religion, but instead, laid out by example a life for each of us to emulate & follow;

– I believe that man is an evil, sinful being, originally created in the image of God for His pleasure, to worship Him. Although mankind may have “some good”, this is as filthy rags, as dung, without an individual acknowledging Christ as personal Savior;

– God has exposed His Glory, His Godliness to all mankind, to each individual. This is a mystery to the limited human mind, but we do know that we wake each morning to a rising sun, to a world that operates with precision beyond the comprehension of even our most-learned people, and then the sun sets to the same darkness & night sky each evening, each season, each year;

– Sola Scriptura; ie, The Bible, in its original text, is inerrant. I believe that God has “been involved” through inspiration & gifts of languages for translations of the Bible in multiple languages. I also believe that man, in his inherent evil heart, has also intentionally paraphrased/translated the Bible poorly, for his own “glory” or for certain reasons, of which God was not glorified.

My intentions with these statements are not to scare or intimidate or cause discord, but for you to know what the basis of my thought of truth is.

May we work together to find Truth….

Mark Brickey